Straker streaking away with it

Mark Straker is carrying 77″ lead over Frank Kelly after the first day’s stages are complete. As he told us it is a lot of good fortune as good driving with a lot of his rivals having spins, mechanical problems and the like that has helped him build up the lead he has. While we have to say the results below are very provisional, we have to sort out times that will probably need to be added or ammended, it looks like Straker is carrying a very comfortable lead into the second days proceedings. His helping out of fellow Darrian driver James Stafford has meant the latter is beating his stage times, Stafford has picked up road penalties along the way, presumably related to his suspension problems, had Stafford not had the penalties, he would be lying 2nd overnight. The other variable factor we can’t sort yet for you is Wesley Patterson. He had no time showing for SS5, but has for SS6. Until this is sorted, the top 10 we have for you is open to change, we will update all the info as we get it sorted back at rally HQ.


Wexford Stages Rally 2015
Overall Results after Stage 6

Pos No Driver/Co-driver Class Vehicle Total
1 1 Mark Straker/Michael Coady 14 Darrian T90 GTR 0:51:50
2 7 Frank Kelly/Liam Brennan 14 Ford Escort Mk2 0:53:07
3 12 George Condell/Paul Twomey 13 Toyota Starlet RWD 0:53:22
4 10 Simon Chapman/Ashley Trimble 20 Proton Satria 0:53:57
5 11 Graham Scallan/Tom Scallan 5 Mitsubishi Evo 10 0:54:19
6 14 Liam Howlett/John McGrath 13 Ford Escort RS Mk2 0:54:25
7 4 James Stafford/Richard Cleary 14 Darrian T90 GTR 0:54:34
8 17 John Stafford/Amy Ryan 13 Peugeot 205 RWD 0:54:53
9 30 Wayne Evans/Sion Jones 13 Ford Escort Mk2 0:55:17
10 24 Tony Rees/Geraint Thomas 14 Darrian T90 GTR 0:55:31

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