All motorsport events need volunteer marshals to make sure they are run safely and effectively.

Marshalling is a rewarding way of getting more closely involved with motorsport and joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts

Volunteer marshals are the beating heart of Irish motorsport. People proudly stand out in their marshals’ tabards in all-weather conditions to make sure events run according to the safety plan, they are vital to the safe and effective running of events all over the country.

For anyone who is passionate about motorsport but does not necessarily want to get behind the wheel, becoming a marshal is a great way to get close to the action.

The role involves a wide range of essential duties to help events run safely and effectively, from managing spectators to operating a start, flying finish lines or service areas. Being a marshal affords you one of the best seats in the house and the opportunity to see the action up close on events.

Getting Started

The best way to get started as a volunteer marshal is to join our club today or attend our meeting which are listed here.

Training days are provided throughout the year in County Wexford and information about this can be got from emailing us @


As a marshal you will be tasked as part of a team with managing an area in a professional and safe manner, keeping the events strict safety plans in place during the course of the event.

Radio Crew

Become a member of the communications that keep the rally running smoothly.

Time Keeper

Timekeeping is an essential element of this event, with the timekeeper’s role being to record competitors’ times and positions in order to determine the event results.


In order to become a team member of our events you must be:

  1. Over 18 years old.
  2. Must be able to make own travel arrangements

Once you have made your decision we advise you to either contact the Chief Marshal to enrol for the event or Register below.

Chief Marshal

Enquiries to Paul Connell – TEL: 087 7626090

While the Volunteers and Officials dedicate their time to the safety of our competitors and spectators, the new campaign launched in 2023 aims to switch the focus to the safety and well-being of our volunteer community themselves.

Under the theme of Keep Watch. Keep Safe. the campaign provides 10 Golden Rules to ensure that Volunteers and Officials, particularly our marshals, adhere to best practices in order to keep themselves safe when on duty.

Marshals are in charge of spectator and driver safety during the course of competition at road and circuit events and particularly in the event of an accident.

The Volunteers and Officials Commission systematically reviews serious and fatal accidents involving marshals. As with drivers and spectators, their safety is paramount.

The VOC has therefore decided to launch a safety campaign to remind everyone of the core safety rules. First and foremost, marshals must also ensure their own safety. These key players are at the forefront of our sport and the FIA has a duty to provide them with as much protection as possible.

At the heart of the campaign will be communications and digital activity which feature visual assets highlighting the 10 Golden Rules. The 10 visuals dedicated to this campaign are available in several languages.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, the FIA Volunteers and Officials President Abdulaziz Al Thawadi said: “We are indebted to our volunteers and officials in ensuring the safety of competitors and spectators at FIA events over the world over. They give their time freely and selflessly to ensure motor sport can take place in a safe and protected environment. Through the Keep Watch. Keep Safe. campaign we are turning the spotlight to the volunteers themselves to remind them that they have a duty to protect themselves as well as protecting others.”

Please find below the 10 Golden Rules:

1. “Make sure you are standing up, fully alert, and facing oncoming traffic while the track or special stage is live.”

2. “Be prepared for any situation even during Safety Car procedures, a formation lap or after the chequered flag.”

3. “Always have an escape plan in place. You must protect yourself from danger. Be ready to help anyone else.”

4. “Do not lean on any guardrail, concrete blocks, or debris fences. They are designed to move when hit by vehicles.”

5. “Do not move in front of barriers unless instructed by the Clerk of the Course or your Senior Marshal, Only remain trackside for the minimum time necessary.”

6. “If in doubt at any time, seek advice from your Senior Officials.”

7. “Always check and doublecheck the status of the circuit or special stage before leaving your post to assist a competitor.”

8. “Protect yourself from extremes of weather, hearing damage, dust, and dirt in your eyes. Wear suitable footwear and gloves for handling hot or sharp debris.”

9. “Attend all safety and operational briefings and follow instructions from Senior Officials.”

10. “Be careful when climbing over barriers or climbing up or down from earth banks. Check that flag signals are being shown for your protection.”

Further information on the campaign can be found at FIA Volunteers and Officials section of the