What is the Youth Academy?

Wexford Motor Club founded its Youth Academy in 2015 with the aim to nurture and encourage more local young people into motorsport. The Club recognised that it can be intimidating and challenging for young people who do not have a family background in motorsport to get involved.

The aim of the Wexford Motor Club Youth Academy is to get young people involved in motorsport, through safe and fun workshops which encourage learning and team work, and focuses on participation and enjoyment of the sport.

Who can join the Youth Academy?

Boys and Girls aged 8 – 21 years

No experience or equipment needed

Youth Academy Agreement Form

I hereby apply for registration my student(s) for the year 2024 on the Competitors and Drivers Register of Wexford Motor Club / Motorsport Ireland and I undertake, if registered, to submit to and be bound by the International Sporting Code of the FIA and the General Competition Rules and Regulations of Motorsport Ireland, the Irish Anti-Doping Rules and any regulations supplementary thereto as may be imposed from time to time by Wexford Motor Club / Motorsport Ireland. I hereby agree to abide by the guidelines and regulations contained in Wexford Motor Club’s General Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct for Children’s Sport and Social Media Policy. Available to inspect at wexfordmotorclub.ie


Clear Signature
By signing this, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the policies and procedures given to me by County Wexford Motor Club CLG.

Click this link for all Youth Academy Policies / Guidelines & Regulations

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