Midland Rally Report 2015

Graham & Tom Scallan are getting to grips with the car now. There was a lot of work on the car before the event and it transformed it. They showed great pace on the first loop of stages in the Midlands and competition was very strong with four R5 cars and a few s2000’s but they kept there R4 up with them. They climbed up to 20th after the first 6 stages and 2nd in the class but for the last three stages they had clutch issues and backed off but still were on a great pace and claimed 1st in class but more importantly 1st in GrpR. They are now the National leaders in both.

Graham & Garry Bradley had a superb run and finished 60th overall and 4th in the class.They finished 4th in class after the 3 Opel Adams from Germany they got top championship points which means there leading championship class 2.The boys are pushing on in the car and growing in pace on each event.

Eoin Neville & Billy Collins were next up at 65th overall and 2nd in there class. Eoin was glad to be back out in the car and is looking forward to the next day.

Next Wexford crew was that of Tonya Fortune & Damian Lawlor who finished 78th overall and 4th in the class. It’s been her finished drive to date and is getting to grips with the car.

In the Juniors it was back to back wins for James Bradley & Maria Kehoe. The couple are showing to be the pace setters for 2015. It was flawless driving and at top level pace. They are now the National leaders in the Juniors.

Wexford Motorclub are proud to have two club members leading national classes.

Graham Bradley / Garry Bradley class 4

Graham Scallan / Tom Scallan class 5

James Bradley / Maria Kehoe class 16

Bradley  Tonya FortuneGraham Scallan Midlands 2015James Bradley

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