Statement regarding the findings of Motorsport Ireland Tribunal Of Inquiry


The following is a Statement from the committee of Wexford Motor Club following the recently published findings of the Motorsport Ireland Tribunal of Inquiry into an incident at Parc Ferme on the morning of Sunday 14th September, the second day of the 2014 Wexford Rally.

The committee of Wexford Motor Club:

  • Offers its sincere apologies to anyone affected by the Parc Ferme incident
  • Fully accepts the findings of the Motorsport Ireland Tribunal of Inquiry into the incident
  • Unreservedly condemns the behaviour of the group of people involved.

While sanctions have already been imposed on a number of people following the Motorsport Ireland Tribunal of Inquiry, the committee is aware that a number of other individuals have been identified as having possible involvement in the incident.

The committee’s aim is to find closure on this matter. A panel has been put in place and a process agreed.

The panel hereby invites anyone who feels they might have been implicated in the incident to contact us by email either on or before Monday 13th April 2015.

Committee of Wexford Motorclub

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