Evans still seems to be in the lead after SS2 Updated 11.47hrs

It seems to be that we now have times coming through and Evans is still leading but the big gain on SS2 is the defending champion, James Stafford. Evans has increased the lead to 3.3″ over Daniel Cronin with an identical difference back to Josh Moffett. James Stafford has now jumped up to 4th 20″ back from Moffett and just over 26″ back from the leader. Ed O’Callaghan is next man on the leaderboard with Craig Breen following him. David Kelly, Steve Wood, Enda O’Brien and Richard Moore complete the top 10. If you look at the times showing now for the 1st stage, they seem to be corrected now to show that the gremlins seem to be rectified and now the timing seems to be running smoothly.

Provisional top 30 after SS2

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS2RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
1 (=)3Meirion Evans/Jonathan JacksonVW Polo GTI R55O/A8:03.00:0014:09.6
2 (+1)2Josh Moffett/Andy HayesHyundai I20 R55O/A8:07.10:0014:16.30:06.70:06.7
3 (-1)4Daniel Cronin/Shane BuckleyFord Fiesta5O/A8:13.00:0014:21.90:12.30:05.6
4 (+8)1James Stafford/Enda KennedyDarrian T90 GTR1418:09.00:0014:36.40:26.80:14.5
5 (+9)18ED O’Callaghan/Kaine TreanorFord Escort1428:09.00:0014:38.00:28.40:01.6
6 (-2)144Craig Breen/Mikie GalvinSubaru Legacy1918:24.00:0014:40.40:30.80:02.4
7 (=)152David Kelly/Dean O’SullivanFord Fiesta518:23.00:0014:44.70:35.10:04.3
8 (-2)6Steve Wood/Keith MoriartyFord Fiesta718:25.00:0014:46.50:36.90:01.8
9 (+4)5Enda O’Brien/John ButlerVW Polo GTI R5528:18.00:0014:47.00:37.40:00.5
10 (-2)11Richard Moore/John McGrathFord Escort Mk21438:25.00:0014:49.00:39.40:02.0
11 (-1)7Gary Kiernan/Daren O’BrienFord Escort1448:26.00:0014:51.80:42.20:02.8
12 (+3)147Peter Wilson/John McCarthyFord Fiesta538:32.00:0015:01.20:51.60:09.4
13 (+5)153Chris O’Callaghan/Dylan DonoghueFord Escort1318:29.00:0015:02.90:53.30:01.7
14 (-3)9Paul Barrett/Kevin ReillyFord Fiesta R5548:38.10:0015:05.10:55.50:02.2
15 (+2)20Richard Cleary/Niamh HollandFord Escort1458:37.00:0015:08.90:59.30:03.8
16 (+7)151David Moffett/Martin ConnollyFord Escort1468:35.00:0015:13.61:04.00:04.7
17 (+2)14Tomas Davies/Eurig DaviesFord Escort Mk21478:55.00:0015:32.11:22.50:18.5
18 (+7)19James Bradley/David ByrneFord Escort Mk21328:54.00:0015:36.41:26.80:04.3
19 (+26)26Mark Straker/Michael CoadyDarrian T90 GT ‘R5’1488:45.00:0015:40.31:30.70:03.9
20 (+19)29Wayne Evans/John SmithwickFord Escort1498:55.00:0015:48.01:38.40:07.7
21 (+16)16Tomas O’Rourke/Tomas ScallanMitsubishi Evo 9418:58.00:0015:50.11:40.50:02.1
22 (+8)17Padraig Egan/Tomas RyanMitsubishi Evo 92019:02.00:0015:50.21:40.60:00.1
23 (+28)146Mickey Conlon/Martin ByrneFord Escort14108:52.00:0015:51.31:41.70:01.1
24 (+4)27Jer O’Donovan/Stephen O’DonovanSkoda S2000559:04.00:0015:51.41:41.80:00.1
25 (+22)22Adrian Evans/Martin HenryFord Escort14118:56.00:0015:52.41:42.80:01.0
26 (+20)25John Reddington/Lorcan MooreFord Fiesta568:57.00:0015:53.01:43.40:00.6
27 (+60)148Jason Mitchell/Peter WardFord Fiesta578:30.00:0015:53.81:44.20:00.8
28 (+20)15Leon Galvin/Ger FoleyFord Escort Mk21338:58.00:0015:54.71:45.10:00.9
29 (+24)24Conor McCarthy/Gavin SheehanMitsubishi Lancer Evolution I X2029:27.00:0016:26.62:17.00:31.9
30 (+34)28Patrick McHugh/Pauric O’DonnellFord Escort Mk2141223:48.01:1532:11.218:01.615:44.6

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