Moffett stretches the lead on SS5

Firstly our guess that James Stafford may have got to 2nd on SS4 was right but he has dropped to 3rd after SS5 where he was 3.6″ slower than Enda O’Brien, who in turn has got into 2nd by a margin of 2.1″, still a great performance by the top seed. Meirion Evans is in 4th but is within the grasp of Daniel Cronin, who was actually quicker than him on the penultimate stage, so watch this battle on SS6. Craig Breen seems to be settled in 6th, David Kelly in 7th is followed by Ed O’Callaghan, Steve Wood and Gary Kiernan looking likely to keep their positions to the end. Richard Moore looks like he will finish outside the top ten in 11th, too much time to make up on Kiernan. Richard Cleary is doing well in 15th which will see him as 3rd fastest local crew. The rest of the battles among the local crews is really hotting up for the last stage with Leon Galvin doing as we expected in moving a bit clear of Conor Moore but with 10″ gap ahead of him to James Bradley in the local battle to make up, he’ll probably settle for his day on the stages.

What we have so far

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS5RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
1 (=)2Josh Moffett/Andy HayesHyundai I20 R55O/A5:45.00:0034:08.5
2 (+1)5Enda O’Brien/John ButlerVW Polo GTI R55O/A5:54.40:0034:26.70:18.20:18.2
3 (-1)1James Stafford/Enda KennedyDarrian T90 GTR14O/A5:58.00:0034:28.80:20.30:02.1
4 (=)3Meirion Evans/Jonathan JacksonVW Polo GTI R5515:58.10:0034:35.20:26.70:06.4
5 (=)4Daniel Cronin/Shane BuckleyFord Fiesta525:56.30:0034:36.50:28.00:01.3
6 (=)144Craig Breen/Mikie GalvinSubaru Legacy1916:06.80:0035:03.60:55.10:27.1
7 (=)152David Kelly/Dean O’SullivanFord Fiesta536:01.30:0035:14.51:06.00:10.9
8 (+1)18ED O’Callaghan/Kaine TreanorFord Escort1416:02.20:0035:19.91:11.40:05.4
9 (-1)6Steve Wood/Keith MoriartyFord Fiesta716:07.60:0035:22.41:13.90:02.5
10 (=)7Gary Kiernan/Daren O’BrienFord Escort1426:01.60:0035:22.51:14.00:00.1
11 (=)11Richard Moore/John McGrathFord Escort Mk21436:11.60:0035:42.41:33.90:19.9
12 (=)10David Condell/Paul KellyFord Fiesta546:06.70:0035:49.61:41.10:07.2
13 (=)153Chris O’Callaghan/Dylan DonoghueFord Escort1316:11.70:0035:59.01:50.50:09.4
14 (=)9Paul Barrett/Kevin ReillyFord Fiesta R5556:13.30:0036:13.12:04.60:14.1
15 (=)20Richard Cleary/Niamh HollandFord Escort1446:17.80:0036:25.72:17.20:12.6
16 (=)145John Warren/Ruthann O’ConnorToyota Corolla Twincam1326:15.80:0036:29.92:21.40:04.2
17 (+1)19James Bradley/David ByrneFord Escort Mk21336:18.40:0036:55.62:47.10:25.7
18 (+1)147Peter Wilson/John McCarthyFord Fiesta566:23.50:0037:14.63:06.10:19.0
19 (+1)15Leon Galvin/Ger FoleyFord Escort Mk21346:20.30:0037:15.33:06.80:00.7
20 (+2)31Mike Quinn/Tony HealyFord Escort1456:24.30:0037:19.63:11.10:04.3
21 (+2)45William Nolan/Evan DowneyToyota Corolla11R16:29.50:0037:25.63:17.10:06.0
22 (+2)33Conor Moore/Leo TectorMitsubishi Evo 102016:26.60:0037:28.13:19.60:02.5
23 (-2)26Mark Straker/Michael CoadyDarrian T90 GT ‘R5’1466:37.30:0037:32.53:24.00:04.4
24 (+2)17Padraig Egan/Tomas RyanMitsubishi Evo 92026:27.40:0037:32.93:24.40:00.4
25 (=)29Wayne Evans/John SmithwickFord Escort1476:31.80:0037:37.13:28.60:04.2
26 (+3)25John Reddington/Lorcan MooreFord Fiesta576:28.00:0037:37.33:28.80:00.2
27 (=)43Gwyndaf Evans/Jordan JonesFord Escort1486:30.40:0037:37.83:29.30:00.5
28 (+4)35Llyr Jones/Anthony OsullivanFord Escort RS Mk21356:24.00:0037:38.63:30.10:00.8
29 (+7)28Patrick McHugh/Pauric O’DonnellFord Escort Mk21496:22.60:0037:45.33:36.80:06.7
30 (=)16Tomas O’Rourke/Tomas ScallanMitsubishi Evo 9416:34.70:0037:45.83:37.30:00.5
31 (=)76Aaron Browne/Derry LongHonda Civic11F16:35.20:0037:48.73:40.20:02.9
32 (+3)37Seamus Connolly/Gary McCruddenToyota Corolla Twincam11R26:29.10:0037:49.73:41.20:01.0
33 (+8)22Adrian Evans/Martin HenryFord Escort14106:26.00:0037:58.23:49.70:08.5
34 (+4)36Eddie Doherty/Tom MurphyFord Escort11R36:31.70:0038:00.53:52.00:02.3
35 (+5)27Jer O’Donovan/Stephen O’DonovanSkoda S2000586:34.20:0038:05.53:57.00:05.0
36 (+8)146Mickey Conlon/Martin ByrneFord Escort14116:46.60:0038:37.84:29.30:32.3
37 (-20)148Jason Mitchell/Peter WardFord Fiesta5918:46.00:4549:56.615:48.111:18.8
38 (+66)24RConor McCarthy/Gavin SheehanMitsubishi Lancer Evolution I X2036:31.60:0052:33.518:25.02:36.9

Results for the Historic category

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS5RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
1 (=)30Alan Ring/Adrian DeasySubaru Legacy RS1916:37.40:0038:15.4
2 (=)42Gareth Lloyd/Wyn ThomasBMW M3 e301926:51.90:0039:13.80:58.40:58.4

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