What we think is the story after SS4

Once again we temper the results we show below with a mixture of what we can make out from talking to the crews here in service with what Leo & Andy are giving on the live feed from stage end of SS3 & 4. James Stafford is showing on the times as 7’55” for SS4, he thinks 13″ quicker and Josh Moffett is showing as 8’16”, he thinks that is wrong by 30″ as he had a 7’46”. Take this into consideration, and if Meirion Evans time is correct as is showing and try do the maths, we think (an we’ll reiterate think) that Moffett is leading by 30″ from Stafford, who is we think about 3″ ahead of Enda O’Brien, with Evans in 4th. When the time cards are taken to the timing office for verification, this hopefully will sort out the wheat from the chaff and give us a more accurate picture. I does suffice to say though that Stafford drove the living daylights out of the Darrian and if he doesn’t retain his crown, he ain’t going down without a fight. Craig Breen has come out with some of the best quotes of the day at the end of SS4, one being “I’m b)*&^%£d” and the other is “I hardly broke sweat in three days in Finland but I’m shattered by four stages in the back arse of Wexford, total respect to the lads that drove these cars 30 years ago” Great to see someone of that stature doing the Wexford rally with the main aim to enjoy himself competing against all the new stuff.

What is showing on the results site so far

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS4RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
1 (+1)2Josh Moffett/Andy HayesHyundai I20 R55O/A8:16.00:0028:29.5
2 (+4)5Enda O’Brien/John ButlerVW Polo GTI R55O/A7:41.00:0028:32.30:02.80:02.8
3 (-2)3Meirion Evans/Jonathan JacksonVW Polo GTI R55O/A8:24.00:0028:37.10:07.60:04.8
4 (-1)4Daniel Cronin/Shane BuckleyFord Fiesta517:59.00:0028:40.20:10.70:03.1
5 (-1)1James Stafford/Enda KennedyDarrian T90 GTR1417:55.10:0028:43.40:13.90:03.2
6 (-1)144Craig Breen/Mikie GalvinSubaru Legacy1918:08.30:0028:56.80:27.30:13.4
7 (+3)18ED O’Callaghan/Kaine TreanorFord Escort1428:00.00:0029:11.00:41.50:14.2
8 (=)152David Kelly/Dean O’SullivanFord Fiesta528:12.00:0029:13.20:43.70:02.2
9 (-2)6Steve Wood/Keith MoriartyFord Fiesta718:14.00:0029:14.80:45.30:01.6
10 (-1)7Gary Kiernan/Daren O’BrienFord Escort1438:12.00:0029:20.90:51.40:06.1
11 (=)11Richard Moore/John McGrathFord Escort Mk21448:18.00:0029:33.31:03.80:12.4
12 (+2)10David Condell/Paul KellyFord Fiesta538:13.00:0029:42.91:13.40:09.6
13 (=)153Chris O’Callaghan/Dylan DonoghueFord Escort1318:20.00:0029:47.31:17.80:04.4
14 (+2)20Richard Cleary/Niamh HollandFord Escort1458:27.00:0030:07.91:38.40:20.6
15 (+3)145John Warren/Ruthann O’ConnorToyota Corolla Twincam1328:28.00:0030:14.11:44.60:06.2
16 (+6)19James Bradley/David ByrneFord Escort Mk21338:04.00:0030:17.01:47.50:02.9
17 (-5)147Peter Wilson/John McCarthyFord Fiesta549:27.00:0030:51.12:21.60:34.1
18 (+9)26Mark Straker/Michael CoadyDarrian T90 GT ‘R5’1468:28.00:0030:55.22:25.70:04.1
19 (+11)31Mike Quinn/Tony HealyFord Escort1478:27.00:0030:55.32:25.80:00.1
20 (+1)148Jason Mitchell/Peter WardFord Fiesta558:43.00:0030:55.62:26.10:00.3
21 (-2)45William Nolan/Evan DowneyToyota Corolla11R18:45.00:0030:56.12:26.60:00.5
22 (+11)15Leon Galvin/Ger FoleyFord Escort Mk21348:29.90:0031:01.12:31.60:05.0
23 (-3)33Conor Moore/Leo TectorMitsubishi Evo 102018:49.00:0031:01.52:32.00:00.4
24 (+7)29Wayne Evans/John SmithwickFord Escort1488:36.00:0031:05.32:35.80:03.8
25 (-1)17Padraig Egan/Tomas RyanMitsubishi Evo 92028:43.00:0031:05.52:36.00:00.2
26 (+9)43Gwyndaf Evans/Jordan JonesFord Escort1498:35.00:0031:07.42:37.90:01.9
27 (-4)48Huw Jeffreys/Avarina JeffreysSubaru Impreza N102038:54.00:0031:07.42:37.9
28 (=)25John Reddington/Lorcan MooreFord Fiesta568:42.00:0031:09.32:39.80:01.9
29 (+7)16Tomas O’Rourke/Tomas ScallanMitsubishi Evo 9418:38.00:0031:11.12:41.60:01.8
30 (-5)76Aaron Browne/Derry LongHonda Civic11F18:50.00:0031:13.52:44.00:02.4
31 (-5)35Llyr Jones/Anthony OsullivanFord Escort RS Mk21358:50.00:0031:14.62:45.10:01.1
32 (-3)56Jason Tuthill/Ben TeggartFord Escort13RO/A8:47.00:0031:14.82:45.30:00.2
33 (+4)74Ollie McPhillips/Billy CollinsFord Fiesta2048:40.00:0031:15.82:46.30:01.0
34 (-19)9Paul Barrett/Kevin ReillyFord Fiesta R5579:48.00:0031:20.42:50.90:04.6
35 (+7)37Seamus Connolly/Gary McCruddenToyota Corolla Twincam11R28:36.00:0031:20.62:51.10:00.2
36 (-4)28Patrick McHugh/Pauric O’DonnellFord Escort Mk214108:53.00:0031:22.72:53.20:02.1
37 (+4)79Mark Hayden/Peter RyanDarrian T911R38:47.00:0031:28.42:58.90:05.7
38 (+5)36Eddie Doherty/Tom MurphyFord Escort11R48:43.00:0031:28.82:59.30:00.4
39 (=)49Philip McDonald/Shane CorcoranHonda Civic11F28:52.00:0031:30.63:01.10:01.8
40 (-2)27Jer O’Donovan/Stephen O’DonovanSkoda S2000588:54.00:0031:31.33:01.80:00.7
41 (-1)22Adrian Evans/Martin HenryFord Escort14118:51.00:0031:32.23:02.70:00.9
42 (+2)54Tomos Steffan Davies/Dorian JonesFord Escort14128:50.00:0031:36.23:06.70:04.0
43 (+3)129Mark Murphy/Michael HamiltonToyota Starlet RWD11R58:49.00:0031:46.53:17.00:10.3
44 (-10)146Mickey Conlon/Martin ByrneFord Escort14139:20.00:0031:51.23:21.70:04.7
45 (+2)44Tommy Kelly/William TreacyFord Escort11R68:49.00:0031:55.83:26.30:04.6
46 (+4)65Andrew Leacy/Chloe KellyDarrian T91368:52.00:0032:08.13:38.60:12.3
47 (+7)61Kenneth Cullinane/Robert O’ReganHonda Civic11F38:51.00:0032:17.43:47.90:09.3
48 (+1)52John Stafford/Amy RyanFord Escort11R79:14.00:0032:27.73:58.20:10.3
49 (+2)75Seamus Grady/Colin O’ToolePeugeot 205 gti1219:08.00:0032:28.43:58.90:00.7
50 (+6)71Richie Dalton/Ger BrettSubaru Impreza N11429:06.00:0032:35.84:06.30:07.4
51 (+1)66Brian Kirwan/Elaine KirwanPeugeot 205 RWD919:13.00:0032:36.94:07.40:01.1
52 (+8)62John O’Rourke/Brian CommonsOpel Corsa1229:08.00:0032:55.14:25.60:18.2
53 (+8)85Paul Cloke/Aidan KentHonda Civic11F49:11.00:0033:00.24:30.70:05.1
54 (+11)78Evan Russell/Richie LongFord Escort1239:09.00:0033:09.94:40.40:09.7
55 (+16)53Thomas Randles/JJ CreminFord Escort Mk214149:04.00:0033:15.14:45.60:05.2
56 (+18)80Mark O’Connor/Graham KellyFord Escort Mk21379:11.00:0033:23.74:54.20:08.6
57 (+18)118David Healy/Tony McGovernHonda Civic eg611F59:17.00:0033:30.55:01.00:06.8
58 (+15)69Shane Murray/Gary HadeFord Escort1389:30.00:0033:41.65:12.10:11.1
59 (+26)55Niall Fitzpatrick/Gary FitzpatrickFord Escort Mk11248:55.00:0033:41.85:12.30:00.2
60 (+17)84Tommy Foley/David DoyleFord Escort Mk21259:23.00:0033:44.15:14.60:02.3
61 (+20)38Andy Nash/Dan NashHonda Civic Vtec11F69:20.00:0033:48.65:19.10:04.5
62 (+18)58JT Warnock/Kieran RafterFord Escort1399:29.00:0033:57.45:27.90:08.8
63 (+13)82Paul Roberts/Trisha HoganOpel Corsa131010:00.00:0034:17.65:48.10:20.2
64 (+25)124Paul Quinlan/Sara McFaddenFord Fiesta12610:11.00:0035:54.67:25.11:37.0
65 (+37)68Paschal O’Shea/Larry O’SheaBMW 3 Series Compact14158:51.00:0040:44.312:14.84:49.7
66 (-21)32Richard Whelan/James WhelanFord Escort141617:55.00:0040:46.612:17.10:02.3
67 (+37)50RMick Lonergan/Aine PhelanHonda Civic11F713:50.00:0051:41.323:11.810:54.7
68 (+37)73RMark Nangle/Pat CashmanSubaru Impreza2059:20.01:0055:39.527:10.03:58.2

Results for the Historic category

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS4RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
1 (=)30Alan Ring/Adrian DeasySubaru Legacy RS1918:55.00:0031:38.0
2 (=)42Gareth Lloyd/Wyn ThomasBMW M3 e301929:20.00:0032:21.90:43.90:43.9
3 (=)143John O’Reilly/Nick SparksFord Escort1819:18.00:0033:29.71:51.71:07.8
4 (=)103Ian Davies/Mark CrispBMW E301939:59.00:0035:00.93:22.91:31.2

Results for the Junior category

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS4RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
1 (=)81Ken Power/Andrew McCormackPeugeot 106 GTi1619:08.00:0032:10.7
2 (=)47Jack Brunton/Sean BruntonHonda Civic 1.6VTI1629:00.00:0032:17.70:07.00:07.0

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