2020 Membership Form

2020 Officials Nominations Form for WMC Events

Wexford Motor Club Code of Conduct











AGM – Notice – WMC AGM Notice 2018

AGM – Agenda 2018-AGM-Agenda

AGM – Nomination Form 2018 Committee Nomination Form


Event Name: Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally

Time & Distance Saturday: T&D Saturday 2018

Time & Distance Sunday: T&D Sunday 2018

2018 Regs: REGS Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2018

Accomadation Listing: Wexford Motor Club Accomadation



Endurance Final Instructions

Endurance Seeded Entry list 2018

Regs & Entry Form below:

Regs: Wex Endurance Regs 2018

WEX_Endurance 2018_ entry form rev 3

WEX_Endurance 2018_ entry form

Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2018 Officials nomination form

Hillclimb 2018 officials nomination form

Auto Cross August 2018 officials nomination


Items Below from 2017




Final Instructions : Final Instruction 1 2017 WVSR

Seeded Entry List 2017 (Pdf version): Seeding 2017

Seeded Entry List 2017 online version: As above

T&D Saturday: T+D Saturday 2017

T&D Sunday: T+D Sun 2017

Rally Online Entry: Online Entry Available Here 2017

Rally REGS PDF: REGS Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2017 Final

Motorsport Ireland Rules & Regulations – Yearbook 2017

Autocross Championship Info 2017




South East Stages Regs & Registration Form

SES Registration Form 2017

SES Regs 2017


Items Below from 2016


Results 2016: http://results.djames.org.uk/results/index.php?m=93

Time and Distance Saturday 2016

Time and Distance Sunday 2016

Marshals Meeting Points Saturday

Marshals Meeting Point Sunday

Final Instruction 1 2016

Seeding 2016 Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally Entry List

Regs Online: http://www.shannonsportsit.ie/evo/Entry?event=IE-WXFD-WX16

Reg’s Print Version: Wexford Rally Regs-Entry Form 2016 Final

Club Membership Form 2016

REGS HERE: Wexford-Motorclubs-Sprint-Regs-2016

Sprint Final Instruction 1 – 18/05/2016 – Sprint Final Instruction.1-2016

REGS HERE: Wexford-Motorclubs-Sprint-Regs-2016

ENTRY FORM HERE: Wexford-Motorclubs- Sprint-entry-form-2016

Anyone looking to get involved in any of our events please click the links below:

April Sprint:April 2016 officials nomination form

May Hillclimb:May 2016 officials nomination form

August Autocross:August 2016 officials nomination form

September Rally:September 2016 officials nomination form

Items Below from 2015

Results from our 2 day Sprint, which was round 5&6 of The Naylor Engineering National Hillclimb Championship 2015.

Saturday: Wexford 10th October 2015

Sunday: Wexford 11th October 2015

Wexford Stages Rally 2015

Everyone at Wexford Motorclub and the Sub Committee of the Wexford Stages Rally 2015 would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the help and support over the weekend! None of it went unnoticed and we would like to express our sincere thanks to each and every one of you, for making it one of the most successful Wexford Stages Rallies! I hope ye all would agree. Many Thanks!

Final Results – Main Field Wexford Stages Rally Final Results

Final Results – Juniors Wexford Stages Juniors Rally Final Results

RALLY RESULTS: http://results.djames.org.uk/results/?m=81

Time & Distance Schedule is available to Competitors by Request on Email


Here is the picture for the Coloring Competition: COLOURING COMPETITION1 v4

Wexford Motor Club – Entry List Wexford Stages Rally 2015

General Info and forms are in this section: Click on the underlined areas to open

Non Seeded Entry List 26-08-2015 Non Seeded List 26-08-15

Press release 1: 2015 Wexford Stages Rally Press Release 26 08 2015 Final

Marshalls Meeting Points 2015 Marshal meeting points

Auto Cross Regs & Entry Form: 2015 Regs&Entry

Regs are avalableOnlinehttp://www.shannonsportsit.ie/evo/Entry?event=IE-WXFD-WX15

Printable Version – 2015 WMC Regs

2015 HILLCLIMB REGS HERE: Wexford-Motorclubs-Hillclimb-Regs-2015

2015 HILLCLIMB ENTRY FORM: Wexford-Motorclubs-Hillclimb-entry-form-2015

2015 Club Meeting Dates 2015 Meeting Dates

2015 Club Membership Application 2015 Membership form(1)


2015 MI Notes Regarding Licenses 2015 Motorsport Ireland Licence Notes & Requirements(1)

2015 Competition License Renewal Application 2015 Renewal Competition Licence Application Form

2015 IRDS First Time+Renewal Application IRDS++RALLY+&+MULTI-VENUE+AUTOTEST+INSURANCE+2015

2015 Hillclimb & Sprint Official Nomination Form 2015 Hillclimb and Sprint official nomination form

2015 Rally Offical Nomination Form 2015 2 Day Rally official nomination form

2015 Important Changes 2015 Important Changes

2015 March Senior Official Training Invite Invite on Letterhead

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