2020 Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally – Press Release 27/07/2020

Press Release: 2020 Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 


The Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally organised by the Wexford Motor Club is due to take place on the 5th and 6th of September. Following the deferral of Phase 4 restrictions to the 10th of August the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally committee in consultation with the Wexford Motor Club board of directors have decided to defer the release of regulations and opening of entries until the 11th of August. The running of the event is governed by the implementation of the governments Phase 4 restrictions and the issuing of event permits. The organising committee have put in a huge effort in recent weeks and will continue to work towards finalising efforts for the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally in the hope of a positive announcement from the Wexford Motor Club on the 11th of August. The organising committee would like to recognise the support and good will provided by residences towards the running of the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally.


Signed: Adrian Codd     Chairperson of the Organising Committee                                                             

Signed: Mark Cooper    C.O.C for the Event                                                                                         

Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2020.                                 



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