Stafford out, crashed on SS9

James Stafford;s charge to try catch Mark Straker has come to an abrupt end as he tried a bit of on stage gardening with the nose of the Darrian. This also caused the bulk of the cars immiadiatly after him to have slow stage times as the stage was blocked and the time taking to clear the car from the stage. This will have quite an effect on the top 10, so wait and see how this pans out as to how things will look going into the last three stages of the day. You would have to say the big winner in this accident is Mark Straker who had all this happen behind him and for now has a margain of 3’47”, too much even for our time travelling drivers we eluded to in the previous report.


Wexford Stages Rally 2015
Overall Results after Stage 9

Pos No Driver/Co-driver Class Vehicle Total
1 1 Mark Straker/Michael Coady 14 Darrian T90 GTR 1:12:54
2 17 John Stafford/Amy Ryan 13 Peugeot 205 RWD 1:16:41
3 30 Wayne Evans/Sion Jones 13 Ford Escort Mk2 1:16:52
4 33 Adrian Evans/Martin Henry 13 Ford Escort Mk2 1:18:08
5 38 Andrew Fanning/Andy Hayes 20 Ford Fiesta 1:18:23
6 52 Jason Roche/John McCarthy 13 Ford Escort Mk2 1:18:41
7 12 George Condell/Paul Twomey 13 Toyota Starlet RWD 1:18:45
8 40 Neil Hickey/Enda Kennedy 13 Ford Escort Mk2 1:18:51
9 20 James Bradley/Maria Kehoe 11F Honda Civic 1:19:05
10 44 Shane Cullen/Elaine NÍ Shé 13 Ford Escort 1:19:10

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