Irish Community Air Ambulance Launches in Wexford

Irish Community Air Ambulance (“ICAA”) and Wexford Motorclub had great pleasure of launching the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS), a vital life-saving air support service for the South of Ireland. The HEMS helicopter is a mobile intensive care unit staffed by a team of highly qualified and specially trained trauma doctors who can be on site in the fastest time possible providing lifesaving treatment at the incident site.  It is an undisputed fact that in the aftermath of a major incident or accident timing is key and that outcomes are greatest when treatment can begin within the first hour, the “golden hour”.

The Wexford launch took place on Monday the 23rd of January 2017 at The Riverbank Hotel, Ferrybank in Wexford. The event incorporated a simulated road traffic accident in conjunction with Wexford Motor Club. Guests were invited to proceed from the hotel to the adjacent car park area to view the arrival of the helicopter.  This gave everyone an opportunity to meet some of the key medical and operational ICAA team, have a tour of a HEMS helicopter and view the range of on-board equipment.  The event gave a unique and first-hand insight into this much needed and necessary service and a solid understanding of the impact it will have for all those of us who live, work and travel in the coverage areas.

Chairman of Wexford Motorclub Graham Scallan said this was an excellent morning and it was great to get the attendance we did. To have a large number of minsters and councillor’s in the room was excellent as they can lobby this at government level. The facility that ICAA give to us all on the day we need it is vital and simply amazing. I ask that you all support the €4 and help develop this service further. Graham would like to thanks Mark Copper and he’s team from the club who helped pull the event together.

Irish Community Air Ambulance is a service operated by Irish Community Rapid Response (“ICRR”), an innovative charity set up 10 years ago, to deliver professional pre-hospital and A&E care via a network of volunteer medical professionals. The HEMS helicopter service will support the current fleet of ICRR rapid response vehicles and work alongside existing emergency response services.

Please donate €4 by texting FLIGHT to 50300

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