Saturday, 7th March 2015

A 1-day seminar on Mind Coaching in conjunction with, running from 10.00am – 5.00pm (with an hour for lunch) in the Naas Chamber of Commerce.

The seminar includes all course materials, tea/coffee, biscuits.

One-day seminar to include the following (time permitting):

  • Understanding how the mind works
  • The Conscious and the Unconscious Mind
  • The Autopilot
  • Controlling Your Reality
  • Understanding Unconscious Attention and how to develop it
  • Being entirely one-directional
  • From a State of Possibility to a State of Belief
  • Adopting the Super-Achievers Mind-set
  • The Steve Collins Mind-set – Certainty
  • The Invincible Vision
  • Switching the way you think – the Switch
  • Genius and Attention
  • Flow and Attention
  • Modelling: Identifying Patterns of Success
  • Achieving Presence
  • Learning what you want
  • Learnings and Programs
  • Mind-set Exercises
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming – how we Program ourselves for Success or Failure
  • The Representational Systems


– 2 –

  • Predicate Words and Phrases
  • Anchoring – Mastering States of Mind and Body
  • Attentional Theory
  • Memory Management
  • The Purpose of Relaxation
  • Stress-busting Tools & Mindfulness Techniques
  • Learning to Relax
  • Sports Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements for Mind and Body
  • Weight Training for Mind and Body
  • The seminar includes the drivers being given written hand-outs and watching DVDs which relate to using the power of the unconscious mind

Practising the learnings

As part of the course drivers are expected to practice the techniques taught during the course. They will each be given a pre-recorded relaxation program to listen to daily.

This is based on the understanding that we learn what we want; when we go to school we learn to read, write and do our maths tables consciously until these learnings pass into the unconscious mind and we can then recite them parrot fashion. In the same way, we must learn our goals and the drivers will be expected to write out and learn their programs, and read all the material they’ll be given on a daily basis. Success is dependent on following the guidelines given.

Continuing courses are also available and recommended to ensure drivers learn the latest techniques and continue to use the material.

The price for the day is €250, includes all course materials and post-seminar support.

Contact Linda on +44 7745 121790 for any further information.

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